Balakrishna Vallepu / Balu

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I obtained an MBA from ESC Dijon (France), and moved on to become a kindergarten teacher in Berlin (Germany), post which I worked in a corporate role in Stuttgart (Germany). After living and working in Germany for more than 12 years, I decided to transform my passion for yoga and clay into my professions.

In 2017, I earned a certificate to practice as a Hatha yoga teacher from Shiva Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh (India), and another from Kaivalyadham, Lonavala (India). I also acquired a certification as a Yoga instructor from the Government of India.

My pottery career started with an internship at Banana Pottery (Goa, India). More important than learning pottery, it was there that I learnt the timeless lesson of “it is never too late to learn something new”. I also discovered a new-found fascination for clay and how soul soothing working with clay can be. I was merely curious about clay when I started, but stayed on to become a potter because I fell in love with the versatility of clay. In September 2018, Yogam pottery studio was set up. Yogam means the act of doing without expecting and by setting up a studio in a city like Bangalore, I would like to provide a space for many others who might want to experience the magic of working with clay. 

My Work


The pursuit of beauty is an important focus in everything I do. My design aesthetic is simple, traditional, sometimes with a contemporary twist. I like design challenges and celebrating the unique. Hence, most of my pieces are usually one-time pieces. You can buy some of my pieces by clicking on the following links




 You can also call or message me, or drop by to buy my creations. 

My Philosophy



– Mahatma Gandhi 

My philosophy is to mould a life according to one's own terms, in the pursuit of beauty, tranquillity, and individuality. Learning is a never ending process and its never too late to learn anything in life. 

I believe that striving is a reward in itself and I trust that the universe is beautiful and bountiful when one follows one's passion. 

Being a yoga instructor, I find pottery and creation to be particularly meditative and relaxing. I like to think that my pieces imbibe this peace and calm, and transmute tranquility and beauty to my buyers.